Our Story

Have you ever been roped into helping a mate?

A mate asked Tony Hughes, the founder of Tanker Trucks Australia, to help buy some good reliable used Water Trucks for a residential property development on Sydney's North Shore. His mate (we will call him Albert to protect his privacy, and because he would hate that name!) was sick of renting old unreliable equipment at extortionate rates – and then waiting around for the hire company to carrying out repairs when the machinery broke down. Albert decided the answer was buying good quality used machinery and selling it at the end of the project. He decided to test his theory by buying a couple of used Water Trucks.

Tony started his search by scrolling the pages of Trucksales.com.au and Gumtree. Nothing listed was quite right – either the truck or water tank (or both) were too old and beaten up or they were too expensive. When a good truck at the right price did come up, it was gone before he could check it out. Tony persisted. Google led him to companies that sold Water Trucks exclusively, as well as those manufacturing and selling a wide range of tanker trucks or speciality service trucks. Tony made web enquires and telephoned – he was told someone would get back to him straight away. Tony waited. No one called and no one emailed. That’s right, none of the supposed industry leaders could be bothered getting back to him.

So, Tony thought, ‘stuff it’ – I can build a Water Truck! And he did. Then he sold it to Albert. They then drank beer (Albert shouted!).

What happened next you ask? Albert asked Tony to help buy another piece of machinery. Tony’s building it now. So, stayed tuned…

Tanker Trucks Australia History

Tanker Trucks Australia gave our firm unparalleled service and advice for our business growth and expansion. We saved thousands of dollars and completed the initial rollout faster than we thought possible.


Our Team

Tony Hughes - Managing Director

Tony Hughes


Tony Hughes has been in the automotive business for over 33 years. Before founding Tanker Trucks Australia, Tony owned and operated one of Sydney’s largest independent tyre and automotive service retailers.

Tony started Tanker Trucks after a mate roped him into helping buy a used Water Truck. Frustration and dissatisfaction with the quality and price of what was on offer, and the lack of (or rather, non-existent) service he received from supposed industry leaders, lead Tony to build his mate a Water Truck. That truck led to another and another.

Tony is committed to providing quality New and Used Water Trucks (and shortly other types of specialty trucks) at great prices, and along with outstanding customer service before and after a truck is purchased, no matter who you are or your budget. If Tony can’t help you, he will do his best to steer you in the right direction.

In his spare time, Tony enjoys the beach and scrolling the internet for heavy machinery deals. He also enjoys embarrassing his two teenage daughters whenever the opportunity arises. Those poor girls!

Michael McLoughlin - Service Manager Mechanical Workshop Supervisor

Michael McLoughlin


Michael has over 40 years’ experience as a motor mechanic, including over 30 years specialising in plant machinery and heavy vehicles. He is responsible for the day to day safe and efficient running of Tanker Trucks Australia’s mechanical workshop. Michael is also responsible for ensuring the quality of all work carried out by his team, by performing incoming and outgoing inspections of all parts and assemblies.

Before Tanker Trucks Australia, Michael was a Workshop Manager and Supervisor with New South Wales’ largest landscape supplier and one of Australia’s leading access plant hire and sales companies. In these roles, he serviced and maintained fleets of over 60 trucks and 100 pieces of plant and equipment.

In his spare time, Michael heads to the bush to escape Sydney’s rat race, enjoying camping, motorbiking, and 4WD driving. If he forced to stay at home, he enjoys restoring antique heavy machinery.